Jaume Plensa is a Spanish artist who is preparing to bring his unique artistic vision to the opera stage

Plensa has been commissioned to create the stage design for an upcoming production of Verdi's "Macbeth" at the Teatro Real in Madrid

The production is being directed by Alex Ollé, one of the founding members of the renowned Catalan theater company La Fura dels Baus

Plensa's design will feature a large, illuminated sculpture of Lady Macbeth's head, which will serve as the centerpiece of the stage

The sculpture will be made up of thousands of small pieces of glass, which will reflect the light in different ways to create a dazzling effect

Plensa has previously created sculptures for public spaces around the world, including the Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park

Plensa is known for his ability to create works of art that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant

The production of "Macbeth" will feature a cast of world-class opera singers, including the renowned soprano Diana Damrau

The Teatro Real is one of the most prestigious opera houses in Spain, and is known for its commitment to presenting innovative and thought-provoking productions

Plensa is also planning to take the production of "Macbeth" beyond the stage of the Teatro Real, with plans to create a traveling exhibition of his artwork inspired by the opera

The production of "Macbeth" is set to open in March 2023, and is expected to be a major highlight of the opera season in Madrid